2023 Pak Choy Amulet
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2023 Pak Choy Amulet

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for wealth & continuous growth

Everyone benefits from a boost in growth energy in 2023, when the ruling central star is the #4 Wood Star, a star number that represents growth, progress and development, as well as good relationships and the birth of fruitful alliances.

Attract wealth and lucrative opportunities wherever you go by carrying this fabulous Pak Choy keychain! The Pak Choy sounds phonetically similar to “fatt choy” which means everlasting growth and prosperity. When pronounced “Pak Choy”, it also translates to “100 types of wealth luck”. Its succulent and crisp green leaves symbolize growth and are the colour of a good harvest. To the Chinese, this represents money and good fortune continuously rolling in from many different directions.

Comes with the Chinese character “Choy” meaning “Wealth” on the front, and the Increasing Wealth Amulet on the back.