24K Gold Medium Pi Yao Charm with Lucky Coin in Tourmaline Bracelet
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24K Gold Medium Pi Yao Charm with Lucky Coin in Tourmaline Bracelet

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PI YAO is a popular talisman for WEALTH, PROTECTION, and GOOD FORTUNE!

It is very popular among businessmen, investors and gamblers in Asia. It is regarded as a dominant attractor of money.

It is a very loyal creature, and will always attempt to rid its owner’s life of bad luck and replace it with WEALTH LUCK.They will guard your wealth in addition to bringing you more. When placed as a pair, the Pi Yao becomes known as Tian Lu (Heavenly Protector) and Pi Xi (Evil Dispeller). It is also a great charm to have for business owners.

The Pi Yao is believed to offer its owner a minimum of eight blessings:
1. Brings fortune and good tidings
2. Producer of good Feng Shui or Earth luck
3. Attracts wealth and prosperity 
4. Safeguards the home and the residents in it
5. Exterminates evil, adversity and obstacles
6. Summons windfall luck 
7. Protects from accident during travel 
8. Appeases Tai Sui

TOURMALINE is a stone that can increase flexibility, happiness, hope, objectivity, compassion and serenity. Tourmaline is also a very protective stone and is often associated with the heart chakra, where it opens one to accept love.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed by the events in your life, the energies of Tourmaline will give you respite from the hustle and bustle. 

It’s a stone that will bring insight and help you discover what is good in your life.

It will keep things in perspective for you, and it will make you feel grateful for all your blessings.

Tourmaline will help you achieve enlightenment. It will show you how you can have power over the events that happen to you.

It will teach you how not to be a victim of life. The energies of this stone will bring strength and willpower so that you will take charge of your own life!

Tourmaline will provide protection against destructive energies and bad vibrations.

*Note that healing crystal meanings are spiritual supports to healing and are not prescriptions or healthcare information.

Made with Medium 24K Gold Pi Yao, 6mm 24K Lucky Coin, and 6mm Tourmaline beads.