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Red Cord Bracelet adorned with five majestic dragons, each bearing unique gifts that transcend mere adornment, embodying a fusion of elegance and powerful symbolism. This exquisite accessory is more than just a bracelet; it is a statement of strength, courage, good luck, protection, and prosperity.


Chinese Coin Dragon:
The first dragon clasps a Chinese coin, symbolizing wealth and abundance. The coin, with its square hole in the center, represents harmony and balance, inviting a flow of positive energy and financial prosperity into the wearer's life.

Ingot Dragon:
Grasping an ingot, the second dragon carries a powerful emblem of prosperity and material success. The ingot, shaped like a boat, symbolizes the accumulation of wealth and the smooth journey toward a prosperous future.

Fu Dragon:
The third dragon proudly carries the character "Fu," which translates to good fortune and blessings. This symbol is an ancient Chinese ideogram that conveys positive energy and the fulfillment of one's desires, bringing joy and happiness to the wearer.

Fortune Lock Dragon:
The fourth dragon holds a fortune lock, a traditional Chinese symbol of protection and security. This intricately designed lock signifies safeguarding one's fortune and preventing any negative influences from entering, ensuring a shield against adversity.

Wu Luo Dragon:
The fifth dragon cradles a Wu Luo, a gourd-shaped container associated with health and longevity. Representing the healing and life-preserving properties, the Wu Luo dragon bestows the wearer with a sense of well-being, making it a talisman for good health and vitality.

As you wear this Red Cord Bracelet adorned with these five dragons, you carry with you not just a piece of exquisite jewelry, but a manifestation of the potent gifts of wealth, prosperity, good fortune, protection, and health. Let each dragon accompany you on your journey, infusing your life with the positive energies they symbolize.


High Quality Gold plated Copper Charms
Adjustable Red Steel Wire  Bracelet