Happy Buddha Purple Alashan Agate Gemstone Bracelet
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Happy Buddha Purple Alashan Agate Gemstone Bracelet

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Carry the uplifting spirit of the Happy Buddha wherever you go 💜

The Happy Buddha, also known as Budai or Laughing Buddha, is a symbol of happiness, contentment, and abundance in Chinese Buddhism. He is depicted as a jovial, rotund figure with a large belly, often seen smiling or laughing. The Happy Buddha is believed to bring good luck, prosperity, and joy to those who encounter him. He represents a carefree and joyful approach to life, reminding people to find happiness in simplicity and to cultivate inner peace and gratitude.

Alashan agate is a type of agate known for its beautiful patterns and colors, primarily found in the Alxa League region of Inner Mongolia, China.

Alashan Agate is renowned for its calming and grounding properties, fostering a balance between yin and yang energies, leading to emotional, physical, and intellectual equilibrium. Wearing an Alashan Agate bracelet can imbue a sense of inner peace and harmony throughout your day.

This unique stone has the remarkable ability to enhance your aura with positive energy, shielding you from negativity and fostering optimism and positivity. With Alashan Agate, you can attract and radiate positivity, enriching your life and the lives of those around you.

Additionally, Alashan Agate is associated with wealth and abundance, believed to stimulate vitality and energy, empowering you to reach your goals and attract prosperity. Wearing an Alashan Agate bracelet can symbolize an invitation for wealth and success into your life.

Made with 11.5mm High Grade Alashan Agate