18K Gold Dragon Barrel with HIgh Grade Green Hetian Jade Bracelet
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18K Gold Dragon Barrel with HIgh Grade Green Hetian Jade Bracelet

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Let the dragon’s energy guide you through a year filled with prosperity, joy, and boundless opportunities.
As we usher in the Year of the Dragon on February 10, 2024, embrace the auspicious energy of this majestic creature. The Dragon, intricately sculpted in radiant gold, coils around the wrist with regal elegance, symbolising strength, good fortune, wisdom and the promise of new beginnings.

JADE is a beautiful and highly valued gemstone that has been used for thousands of years in many cultures for its believed benefits. Here are some reasons why jade may be beneficial in our lives:

  1. Emotional balance and stability: Jade is believed to have a calming and grounding effect on the emotions, helping to bring balance and stability to the mind and body. It can promote feelings of peace and tranquility, reduce stress and anxiety, and encourage self-reflection and introspection.

  2. Physical healing: Jade is thought to have healing properties and is often used in traditional Chinese medicine to promote overall health and wellness. It is believed to stimulate the body's natural healing processes, boost the immune system, and aid in detoxification.

  3. Protection: Jade is considered a protective stone, and it is believed to shield the wearer from harm and negative energies. It can also promote harmony and balance in relationships and provide a sense of security.

  4. Abundance and prosperity: Jade is associated with abundance and prosperity, and it is believed to attract good luck and fortune. It can help with financial stability, success in business or career, and increase overall wealth.

Overall, jade is a versatile and beneficial gemstone that can provide a range of physical, emotional, and spiritual benefits. Its specific benefits can vary depending on the individual and their beliefs, but many people find jade to be a valuable addition to their lives.


10mm High Grade Green Hetian Jade
18K Gold Dragon Barrel