24K Gold Mini Pi Yao with High Grade Blue Topaz Gemstone Bracelet
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24K Gold Mini Pi Yao with High Grade Blue Topaz Gemstone Bracelet

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BLUE TOPAZ is known to soothe, recharge, heal, stimulate, and redirect the energies of the body to where they’re required the most.

It’s known as the gemstone of love, affection, and good fortune.

It will help you have a sweet and happy disposition by releasing the tensions in your body, heart, and mind.

It will also work to promote honesty, openness, self-control, and self-realization.

This stone will help you with your problem solving and with expressing your thoughts and emotions.

It’s generally worn to stabilize emotions and make you more receptive to love and affection from all sources.

Blue Topaz will help you with your communication and verbalization. It’s also an excellent meditation stone that will help you live your life according to your own points of view and aspirations.

This stone will help you recognize truth and wisdom, and which point you have strayed from your own personal truths.

It’s the perfect stone to help you understand your life, your greatest wish, and your strongest desire.

It will truly make you see what you have accomplished in your life, and the goals that you are yet to achieve.

Knowing all these information and having this kind of vision will give you inner peace, balance, and harmony!

PI YAO is a popular talisman for WEALTH, PROTECTION, and GOOD FORTUNE!
It is very popular among businessmen, investors and gamblers in Asia. It is regarded as a dominant attractor of money.
It is a very loyal creature, and will always attempt to rid its owner’s life of bad luck and replace it with WEALTH LUCK.They will guard your wealth in addition to bringing you more. When placed as a pair, the Pi Yao becomes known as Tian Lu (Heavenly Protector) and Pi Xi (Evil Dispeller). It is also a great charm to have for business owners.
The Pi Yao is believed to offer its owner a minimum of eight blessings:
1. Brings fortune and good tidings
2. Producer of good Feng Shui or Earth luck
3. Attracts wealtA and prosperity
4. Safeguards the home and the residents in it
5. Exterminates evil, adversity and obstacles
6. Summons windfall luck
7. Protects from accident during travel
8. Appeases Tai Sui