House of Sabrina


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Let the Phantom-Crystal bring about a smoother transition in your life to break out of your old energy patterns. Release unwanted and unnecessary energies so that you can move forward in your life with illumination and a renewed sense of hope.


Phantom-Crystal, Wealth and Life Goals

Phantom-Crystal can help you make important changes to reach your lofty goals. Phantom-Crystal will remind you that even the seemingly insignificant dreams can become the most incredible realities!  

It will give you fresh and creative ideas, as well as physical and intellectual energies.

You will attract a lot of good and stimulating energies that will help you achieve great results. Everything will come together for you when you work with the energies of this crystal.

Phantom-Crystal, Love and Relationships

It will help ground excessive emotions that affect your relationship and how you and your partner are with each other.

There will be no overreactions that will push your partner away or hurt the foundation of your relationship.

You will have a better handle on your emotions, no matter how much chaos or complications there are in your current situation.

This crystal will also help you stay balanced amidst the ever-changing landscape of your relationship.

It will teach you lessons on patience and understanding. You will learn to be more relaxed in your relationship and considerate to your partner’s needs.


15mm Four Seasons Phantom Quartz