Money Bag Charm - Opalite & Rose Quartz
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Money Bag Charm - Opalite & Rose Quartz

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Magnetize and attract more wealth, love, and prosperity in your life! 

ROSE QUARTZ, widely known as the "Love Stone", is most favored for its ability to speed up the process for those seeking true love, mending broken relationships and jazzing up your existing romance life. Rose quartz is believed to help restore the love for self as well as love for others. It can also heal old emotional wounds while developing self-appreciation and love.

OPALITE inspires originality and boost creativity. It will get the creative juices flowing. Opal is also a highly protective stone. When you program this stone accurately, you will be able to ward off negative energies and unwanted attention.

Opal will help you manifest your desires through positive affirmations, hard work, and dedication. It will bring prosperity, luck, and abundance into your life.